Friday, December 30, 2005

Uh, Mom- I'm going over to Steve's for . . . a month.

For some reason I'm loving this story.

I have journalist friends who are working on being imbedded in Iraq. It's hard. There is a lot of paperwork involved. There are weeks, months, sometimes nearly years of preparation. And this 16 year old just . . . *goes* to Iraq.

I have to wonder what he told his parents. "Hey Mom, Dad- I'll be out a while . . ."

But here's the kicker. Unlike Jonah Goldberg, Ben Shapiro or any of those other chickenhawks, at least he was gonna put his money where his mouth is:

Ms. Atiya said her son is studious, works on the school newspaper and is on the debate team. He is a member of a Republican Party club at school who spends his time reading, rather than socializing, his mother said.

“He thinks girls require too much time, and he has more important things to do. He loves history,” Ms. Atiya said.

Who wants to bet the kid has a book deal in the new year?


  1. An enterprising young man with a bright career in front of him. I bet that many of the network journalists are quaking in their boots.

    And just think of his college essay!

  2. The first comment after the article accidentally runs together the words 'Iraqi descent' to generate the word 'iraqidescent'. I'm not sure what this new word means, but it probably combines the concepts of incandescence and royal fucked-upedness.

  3. Can we hope for a lemming-like rush of GOPyouth into Iraq?

  4. jase: we already had that courtesy of the Heritage foundation, I thought...

    Oh, and "take too much time"? I suppose I'm the only one going "mm hm."

    BTW: Happy New Year, VV!

  5. I am fascinated by young Farris and his ability to make good on his plan to get to Baghdad. Of course, he is damn lucky he was not injured, captured or killed. Still, he demonstrates a hell of a lot more enterprise than most commercial journalists and a lot more initiative and compassion than his teenage peers let alone the rest of us "grown-ups."

    I sort of suspect that his Dad really wanted him to get to Baghdad -- he suggested Farris go to Beirut to see family, and these relatives helped him get to Baghdad. Naive? Perhaps. Amazing? definitely.

    -- L.

  6. teh L4m3 is right. The CPA put GOPJugend in charge of reconstruction, which must have worked pretty well. I mean, we've abandoned reconstruction efforts, right? Mission accomplished!