Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Coalition of the Less Willing than Initially Thought

Remember the Coalition of the Willing? Remember that? All those nations, supposedly coming to the aid of the Mighty United States, those supporting actors who were going to help bring peace and democracy to the people of Iraq?

And then someone forgot Poland and it all went to hell.

At any rate, we've lost Italy now, too . . .

The Italians join Nicaragua, Spain, The Dominican Republic, Honduras, The Philippines, Thailand, Poland, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Tonga, Hungary, Portugal and Moldova on the Coalition of "Yeah, Uh, We Have This, Uh, Thing We Have To Do" in pulling out of Iraq. Norway, the Ukraine and the Netherlands have significantly reduced their troop deployment, but remain distractedly engaged in the war.

What this all proves, I think, is that the Coalition itself was, at best, an afterthought and more than anything, just a sort of sham aimed at getting Americans to support the actions in Iraq. "See?!" the administration said. "We're not going it alone! We have the mighty force of the Tongan army to help us out!"

Sad thing is that any Americans ever bought it at all.


  1. Heh. The Coalition Of "My Kid Has A Thing".

  2. Hey VV? Was that you quoted in the Rocky today about coffee shops? If it was, congrats.

  3. Andrew-
    No, that wasn't me, but it was funny because I wrote a freelance story much like the one in the paper and you had me running to the paper's copy of the Rocky to see if they'd cited me as some kind of expert.

    Nope, Teresa Vestal is not Vestal Vespa. But she has a cool name!