Monday, January 16, 2006

I Love Denver

And here's why.

My weekend included a stock show, a dive bar, brunch with transvestites and a trip downtown to see "Syriana."

Life is good in the city.

But "Syriana" was particuarly exceptional. I didn't know what to expect, nothing to go on but the fact that the blogosphere was abuzz about the film and its importance. And rightly so. It's the kind of movie that will make you denounce your car and the oil trade in general . . . and will force you to you realize just how integral oil is to our society and its economy. The word "inextricable" comes to mind.

Much like "Traffic," "Syriana" shows us the parties at every level of involvement with the oil industry- from Emirs to government officials to Pakistani migrant workers on the oil fields to hapless lawyers charged with defending the egregious machinations of the oil tycoons. But unlike "Traffic," which focuses on an addiction that is shared by an arguably small population, "Syriana" shows us how the oil addiction we all share has everyone- if you'll pardon the pun- over a barrel.

So yeah- go see it. And if you can, do what we did, and walk to the theater. You'll feel marginally better on the way home.

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  1. I watched Syriana this weekend too.
    I got a little lost in some of the subtleties, but I thought it was a great movie nonetheless.
    I noticed the disclaimer at the end mentioned that the film was sort of a fictional retelling of a book that was essentially non-fiction. But what struck me as I watched the movie was that everything we saw was something that could happen or that probably has happened already.