Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sit tight

Got tons of work to do today, but I might have some very exciting news by the weekend.

Oooh, it's so exciting . . .

Meantime, talk amongst yourselves. Topic: Alito sez he can't answer questions that might come up in future trials. Imagine if any job interview could be conducted this way.

MANAGER AT PERKINS: Well, Mr. Alito, do you have any experience as a short-order cook?

ALITO: I can't tell you whether or not I have any past experience making a skillet scramble. I don't want that to affect the quality of any future skillet scrambles I may be asked to make.


  1. And here, I just wonder about the "excitement" because it is soooo tantalizing.

    But on the scal(judge)ITO thingy, well, I can not comment, as I may in the future comment on scal(judge)ITO.

    But didn't he do such a great job showing off his computer in the OJ Simpson trial?

    Why is anyone worried? If scal(judge)ITO doesn't fit, we must filibuster his ass.

  2. Ooh -- you're moving to Cali?

    Anyway, yeah, there was this story today here about a pregnant woman who thought cuz she had a bun in the oven she could drive in the carpool lane.

    I'd love for one of the senators to ask him how he'd rule if such a case ever came before him...