Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesday list: Little Vespa's Greatest Hits

Actual, unedited quotes from my little sister:

1. (Picture dejected, pathetic facial expression)"I ordered a brownie and it never came."

2. "I *am* a relationship vulcan."

3. "Never underestimate the power of thread count."

4. "I enjoy speeding so much that I'm prepared to pay for a ticket."

5. (In response to a guy at a bar who told her she's "too beautiful" to smoke): "Yeah, that's probably true."

6. "You smell like butt."

7. "The living room smells like a Dave Matthews concert."

8. "I'm just going to get pie."

9. "You know, Rick Allen" (proceeds to mime a one-armed drummer)

10. "If I ever find a boy like my sister, I'll have found my soul mate"

Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Random Ten: Very Very Busy Edition

1. Modest Mouse: Blame it on the Tetons.
2. Andrew Bird: The Happy Birthday Song.
3. Belle and Sebastian: The Boy Done Wrong Again.
4. The Decemberists: We Both Go Down Together.
5. Gary Jules:Umbilical Town.
6. Elvis Costello: Radio Radio.
7. The Flaming Lips: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part 2.
8. Fischerspooner: Emerge.
9. The Gorillaz: Demon Days.
10. Sigur Ros: Untitled 2 (from ()).

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ricky goes down.

As if pathetic "approval" ratings and flagging party support weren't enough, now Little Ricky Santorum got himself some legal problems.

I'm thinking that most of these cult-o-personality types (Musgrave, Santorum, et al) are going to find that their anti-gay platform is going to run out of steam well before November. And no amount of posturing will help them regain the votes lost when it turns out that, outside of anti-gay posturing, they really never had anything to offer their constituents.

Bye bye, Ricky. It's been fun. And just think of the glorious legacy your name has created for generations to come . . .

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Almost famous . . .

Back in the day, I was in a high school production of "The Tempest." Two of my costars went on to bigger and much better things- Shawna Fildes made a film called "State of Beeing" and my friend Kirsten, who I idolized, went on to work the comedy scene in LA and NY and even had bit parts in "Kate and Leopold" and on an episode of "Law and Order, SVU."

Where am I going with this? Well, in some mid-afternoon idle googling of high school friends and acquaintances, I found that Kirsten is going to host an evening of up-and-coming comedians at the Aspen Comedy Festival.

If any of you all are planning a trip to the mountains in March, I suggest making a trip to this festival and to Kirsten's show. I guarantee a good time . . .

The only good Arab is a rich Arab. I guess.

Well, *this* isn't going to play well in the Red States.

Now, I know that Arab Emirates Arabs are most certainly different than Saudi Arabia Arabs and that, while Al Qaeda does operate in the Arabian Peninsula, the Emirates are for the most part too blinged-out with oil money to foster too much of the kinds of rage that fuel Islamic terrorism. There is some truth to the idea that poverty is the root cause of fundamentalism, which leads to animosity, which leads to terrorism. I know this.

But for many Americans, Arabs is Arabs and constructing a business deal to contract Arabs to secure our seaports is a little difficult to understand. After all, folks like Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin have offered up the idea that all Arabs are suspect, and that they should all be rounded up and interned for the good of American society. And it's these bigoted ideas that get the real bandwidth throughout Middle America.

On one hand, I'm pleased this story is getting some play in the news, because I know it shows Bush to be the big bad Arab-bashing cowboy who happens to also offer lucrative contracts to companies in the Emirates. But this, also, is kind of sick, because while I'd like to see his approval ratings continue their downward spiral, the negativity Bush is getting over this particular deal is rooted in the blind, ignorant racism of the American public. If they can't tell the difference between a Kuwaiti and a Saudi (and let's face it, how many Americans can, or care to?), this deal is going to make them think the president is doling out our vulnerable seaports to terrorists. Which, of course, isn't true at all. This deal with Dubai Ports is the kind of thing Tony Blair has been doing for years now. Bush is dealing with businessmen here, not terrorists. While I have to smirk at any negative press Bush gets, it is troubling to me that so many people are seeing this deal with Arab businessmen as a deal with Al Qaeda.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Denver Concert Roundup

OK- I've got some time between projects and seeing as how it is no longer my job to compile concert listings, I'm a bit behind on the local scene. I decided to do some research, and here are a few recommendations:

Matson Jones with Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots, Friday at the Bluebird. This promises to be a great show, but beware the trendy factor. A very hipster-heavy night is guaranteed for all. But you can't miss with bands that incorporate strings into punk and alt-country. $8.

Low, Feb. 25 at the Larimer Lounge, with Damien Jurado, $12. This would be a great late-February show, a mellow sound and a little romance to finish off the month before heading into spring. Good makeout music. And if you are in the mood for a very long day of music, show up at around 2 p.m. and catch Longmont's own The Susceptibles (I went to high school with these guys) at the Lounge's PBR-BQ show.

Born in the Flood with Swearing at Motorists, Feb. 27, the HiDive. Born in the Flood are, in my opinion, among Denver's most innovative musicians right now. I've blogged about them before, but they really are worth checking out if you like Radiohead, Travis or just really decent, dreamy but edgy indie rock. And hey, any band named Swearing at Motorists is worth a listen . . . the show starts at 7 with a band called The Appleseed Cast, which I know nothing about. $10.

The Hot IQs, VoxTrot and Everything Absent or Distorted, March 3, the HiDive. This show is going to be an awesome Friday Night (added bonus: Sputnik, the neighboring bar, does $3 Stella Artois happy hours every First Friday to coincide with the Art Walk down at the Golden Triangle district. ARTois, ART walk? Get it?). EAOD is worth a watch- they put on a helluva show and incorporate banjos, horns and even calisthenics in their performances. $8.

Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah, March 28 at the Bluebird. $14. I was thinking of going to the Edith Frost show the day before this, and then going to see these guys, but the more I listen to poor Edith the more depressing I find her. So I think I'll be making just one trip to the 'Bird. These guys have found themselves on heavy rotation at the CU radio station, and I like what I hear. I like their Talking Heads meets The Shins kinda sound.

Jason Collet of Broken Social Scene, April 5, the HiDive. This guy basically built Canada's indie rock scene. A mere $10 for what promises to be a killer Tuesday evening.

Eisley, April 15, the Bluebird. I caught these kids for the first time when they opened for Coldplay back in 2003, and I remember thinking that they were going to go far. They're really young but play together with a maturity that even much older bands lack. They're the kind of band that I always hoped would come from a generation of kids raised on Bjork and Radiohead. A steal at $10.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Irony so heavy it hurts . . .

It just keeps getting more and more tragically ironic . . .

Tuesday list: Too Busy To Make My Own edition

But all the same, enjoy a few gems from McSweeney's:

Nonviolent Westerns.


- - - -

A Fist Full of Arthritis

High Plains Skee-Ball

The Metaphorical Gunfighter

The Aggressive Panhandler of Malt Liquor Junction

A Man Called My Little Pony

The Affordable Tract Housing of Sheetrock Flats

El Doritos

Activities That Might Prove More Practical Than Cleaning My Gas Mask Once a Month as the Army Suggests.


- - - -

Welding additional armor plating to the underside of my Humvee

Registering to absentee vote in the event that my tour gets extended

Writing my increasingly distraught mother a letter

Disassembling and cleaning my "freedom stick" (a.k.a. M4 carbine)

Checking out Fox News in an effort to truly grasp how and why things are going so awesome-tastic

Putting on a fresh pot of coffee

World War II
Fighter Squadron


- - - -

The Topless 41st

The Morally Suasible 8th

22nd Airborne & Glee Club

The Vaguely Semitic-Looking 93rd

Oh, What a Beautiful 61st

The Fightin' Sea Anemone

The Astigmatic 19th

The Married 84th

The Generous to a Fault 23rd

Rudy Vallee Fans for Liberty

Monday, February 13, 2006

Quote of the day

I can say one thing about ol' Dick, "He's no Aaron Burr."


My baby shot me down

Am I alone in thinking that Dick Cheney doesn't "accidentally" shoot anyone?

Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Random Ten: Actual random edition

Oh, how I love you, iTunes. Never leave me . . .

For the first time ever, this is an actual random Random 10, randomized by iTunes for your enjoyment . . .

1. "Like Dylan in the Movies," Belle and Sebastian. Hm. Not my favorite. But not bad.
2. "Mexican Wine," Tarantella. My favorite Tarantella song. Neat.
3. "Esqueletos," Tarantella. Two Tarantellas in a row? Think of the odds!
4. "Dame Fuego," Tarantella. Uh . . . OK. I like Tarantella and all, but . . .
5. "Dig Your Grave," Modest Mouse. I like this song . . . a nice break from the Tarantella three-fer.
6. "DARE," Gorillaz. I love this album. I used to listen to it every Friday on the way to work.
7. "Good Year for the Roses," Elvis Costello. I think this one has been on my random 10 before . . . seems that I am at LEAST as random as Apple thinks it can be.
8. "Of Angels adn Angles." Ah. A lovely little song from this weird little band.
9. "Sacre Francais," Dimitri From Paris. C'est magnifique!
10. "The Way That I Found You," Ladytron. Since I learned about Ladytron, I can't really seem to get enough.

Wah wah wah.

Come on now, Brownie- when did it occur to you that your sole function WAS "scapegoat?"

Seriously, you'd think he'd have figured it out when he got his business cards.

"Michael Brown, FEMA Director, Bush Administration fall guy. www.blameitonme.gov."

But honestly- when you have Brown blaming the NSA for incompetence, while saying that he was blamed for bigger mistakes on the part of the federal response to Katrina, you can see where the cracks are beginning to form in the whole Bush system. This is what cronyism gets you. This is what unholy alliances with defense contractors will get you. The factions are warring . . . note to Mr. Cheney: THIS is what "last throes" look like.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tuesday Wednesday List: Valentines Day is Coming edition


1. Omaha
2. Between the couch cushions
3. The backseat of a 1973 Buick
4. eHarmony.com.
5. Local high schools
6. Your spam folder
7. Prison

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fun with the world's money

Oh, remember the days when staunch Republicans would stare down their noses at budget proposals like these and click their tongues and say how those tax-and-spend liberals needed to be reeled into the world of reality?

Those were the days.

Now we have Rumsfeld telling us that he needs more money to prevent a nuclear attack, while public health programs are being cut to ribbons. Never mind the fact that we are all far more likely to need the services of oh, say, the American Diabetes or American Cancer Associations than we'll ever need to truly fear an attack from Rumsfeld's boogeymen.

The saddest part of it all is that a certain contingent of American voters are likely to support this kind of rhetoric. They'll continue to supersize, continue to drive six blocks rather than walk it, continue to smoke Marlboro Reds, continue to drink buckets of carbonated corn syrup, and continue to fear a nuclear attack more than the consequences of their own personal negligence.

Monday, February 06, 2006

And we return to Vestal Vespa, already in progress.

Ah, what a wonderful and fleeting thing a week off can be. But I'm back now- rested, ready and proofing myself blind at my new place of employment. While it is much quieter than a newsroom and much brighter, thanks to the fact that it is housed in a turn-of-the century building complete with eight-foot windows, I am so far enjoying my new job. Which is, specifically, being anal retentive about punctuation, grammar and spelling.

Add to that the fact that I'm being paid better, my commute was 15 minutes this morning and I get to use a new iMac, and you could say I'm a pretty happy camper.

It will be a while before I have time to recollect my political thoughts and get some of the old Vespa rantiness back again, but in the meantime I thought I'd touch base and let you all know that I'm still alive here in the city.

Until next time . . .

And a shout out to my friend Michelle, who reaches the big quarter-century mark today. We've been buds since seventh grade and it's been a good ride . . .