Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Denver Concert Roundup

OK- I've got some time between projects and seeing as how it is no longer my job to compile concert listings, I'm a bit behind on the local scene. I decided to do some research, and here are a few recommendations:

Matson Jones with Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots, Friday at the Bluebird. This promises to be a great show, but beware the trendy factor. A very hipster-heavy night is guaranteed for all. But you can't miss with bands that incorporate strings into punk and alt-country. $8.

Low, Feb. 25 at the Larimer Lounge, with Damien Jurado, $12. This would be a great late-February show, a mellow sound and a little romance to finish off the month before heading into spring. Good makeout music. And if you are in the mood for a very long day of music, show up at around 2 p.m. and catch Longmont's own The Susceptibles (I went to high school with these guys) at the Lounge's PBR-BQ show.

Born in the Flood with Swearing at Motorists, Feb. 27, the HiDive. Born in the Flood are, in my opinion, among Denver's most innovative musicians right now. I've blogged about them before, but they really are worth checking out if you like Radiohead, Travis or just really decent, dreamy but edgy indie rock. And hey, any band named Swearing at Motorists is worth a listen . . . the show starts at 7 with a band called The Appleseed Cast, which I know nothing about. $10.

The Hot IQs, VoxTrot and Everything Absent or Distorted, March 3, the HiDive. This show is going to be an awesome Friday Night (added bonus: Sputnik, the neighboring bar, does $3 Stella Artois happy hours every First Friday to coincide with the Art Walk down at the Golden Triangle district. ARTois, ART walk? Get it?). EAOD is worth a watch- they put on a helluva show and incorporate banjos, horns and even calisthenics in their performances. $8.

Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah, March 28 at the Bluebird. $14. I was thinking of going to the Edith Frost show the day before this, and then going to see these guys, but the more I listen to poor Edith the more depressing I find her. So I think I'll be making just one trip to the 'Bird. These guys have found themselves on heavy rotation at the CU radio station, and I like what I hear. I like their Talking Heads meets The Shins kinda sound.

Jason Collet of Broken Social Scene, April 5, the HiDive. This guy basically built Canada's indie rock scene. A mere $10 for what promises to be a killer Tuesday evening.

Eisley, April 15, the Bluebird. I caught these kids for the first time when they opened for Coldplay back in 2003, and I remember thinking that they were going to go far. They're really young but play together with a maturity that even much older bands lack. They're the kind of band that I always hoped would come from a generation of kids raised on Bjork and Radiohead. A steal at $10.


  1. lets go see eisley. they have a video that was on mtvu they rock. they are my friend on myspace.

  2. We love you, whoever you are. So much so that we want you to come to the Hot IQ's/Voxtrot show on us...if you send us your name, you'll be on our list.
    hearts of school kids,
    everything absent or distorted (a love story)