Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fun with the world's money

Oh, remember the days when staunch Republicans would stare down their noses at budget proposals like these and click their tongues and say how those tax-and-spend liberals needed to be reeled into the world of reality?

Those were the days.

Now we have Rumsfeld telling us that he needs more money to prevent a nuclear attack, while public health programs are being cut to ribbons. Never mind the fact that we are all far more likely to need the services of oh, say, the American Diabetes or American Cancer Associations than we'll ever need to truly fear an attack from Rumsfeld's boogeymen.

The saddest part of it all is that a certain contingent of American voters are likely to support this kind of rhetoric. They'll continue to supersize, continue to drive six blocks rather than walk it, continue to smoke Marlboro Reds, continue to drink buckets of carbonated corn syrup, and continue to fear a nuclear attack more than the consequences of their own personal negligence.


  1. Must read article from Fox News on what the response to the Danish Cartoon


  2. Speaking of Marlboro Reds, I just left my gig at Philip Morris, and now work at Angler Environmental.

    I used to be surrounded by smokers, now I'm surrounded by fish tanks.

    And yeah, THE tobacco company in Richmond, Virginia is full of the people you just described. I cannot tell you how many ugly debates that went down due to my being the lone liberal in a sea of dunderheads.

    LOVE IT!

  3. But if they drink the corn syrup and get sick, then all their money will go to the insurance companies. Brilliant! Instead of just mugging the middle-class and poor, they are slowly sucking their money away!

  4. Still speaking of Marlboro's, Tom Delay's replacement, John Boehner, used to hand out checks from the tobacco lobby to his fellow crooks on the floor of the House. What a boner!

  5. Republicans only fault defense spending when a Democrat is in the Oval Office.