Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Can I get it on Netflix?

Holland has made it mandatory for immigrants to view a 105-minute video featuring gay romance, nudity and other such behaviors in order to pass an entrance examination.

So you can't actually move to Holland unless you are comfortable with such imagery.

Some religous groups are calling it discrimination. The Dutch minister of immigration says that all those who would like to become Dutch citizens must be comfortable with modernity.

I have to say I think it's a fine idea. I think we should do the same in Colorado. If nothing else, maybe all those idiots who drive SUVs with those god damned "Calvin Praying" stickers would stay in Texas or South Carolina or wherever the hell it is that they keep coming from.


  1. We'll keep the Praying Calvin assholes, but you get the guys with fake testicles hanging from their trailer hitches.

  2. What about Idaho? I'm stuck with all of them.

  3. I hear potatoes are good for throwin'.