Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday twofer: Cat and Music

Kitty, via the new Samsung A900 Cameraphone:

And the random, via iTunes:

1. Do You Want To, Franz Ferdinand
2. The Christians and the Pagans, Dar Williams
3. Deep Red Bells, Neko Case (the new Neko is on its way from Amazon! Hooray!)
4. Some Weird Sin, Iggy Pop
5. Wake Up, The Arcade Fire
6. Can't Hardly Stand It, Charlie Feathers (from the Kill Bill Vol. 2 Soundtrack)
7. Bario Alto, Theivery Corporation
8. Razz, Kings of Leon
9. At the Bottom of Everything, Bright Eyes
10. Extraordinary, Liz Phair

Have a lovely weekend, all; filled with sunshine and pink hummers . . . whatever you take that to mean . . .



  1. Look at Bizarro World yesterday for a perfect cat joke.

    Ruth who has Cleocatra

  2. Is it too much for me to get cats that can shoot frickin' laser beams out of their frickin' eyes? Oh, apparently it isn't.

    1. Little Nut Tree (The Melodians); 2. You Make Me Real (The Doors); 3. Streets of Your Town (The Go-Betweens); 4. Canary in a Coalmine (The Police); 5. Praying Hands (Devo); 6. Big Mama's New Love (Big Mama Thornton); 7. Three-Part Invention No. 15 (Bach by Bela Fleck); 8. Intergalactic (Beastie Boys); 9. Stranger in the House (Elvis Costello); 10. New Orleans Streamline (Bukka White)

  3. I hope you are aware that Neko is going to be at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival this summer.