Tuesday, March 07, 2006

RIP, Kirby

When we lived in Minnesota, I was still pretty little but I managed to somehow, on some level, understand what baseball meant to people in the Twin Cities. When we'd go to the Metrodome in the late 80s (an overwhelming structure for a 7-year old, anyway) and the insanely loud roar of the fans would equalize into a kind of white noise in my head, it was clear that this was something that was really, really important to a lot of Minnesotans.

And down there, in the diamond, was a short guy, shaped a bit like a prairie chicken, who could knock the ball out of the park if not for the pillowy canopy that covered it.

RIP, Kirby . . . we'll miss you.


  1. Well said.

    RIP Kirby.

  2. I always laughed when he beat out a throw. "haha, you can't turn a play on that runt!?"

  3. Yeah..I grew up in Minnesota. It's pretty shocking to think that Kirby is dead. It actually affected me more then when Welstone died