Friday, April 28, 2006

Pretty in Pink

Audrey just loves to hang in the bathroom.

The 10

1. I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten, Dusty Springfield
2. Solid Gold, Von Iva
3. First Cool Hive, Moby
4. Untitled 4, Sigur Ros
5. The Air Near My Fingers, The White Stripes
6. Lucifer Rising, The Flaming Lips
7. All Lifestyles, The Beastie Boys
8. Red Dust, Calexico/Iron and Wine
9. Underground, Tom Waits
10. Please Freeze Me, Guided by Voices

Thursday, April 27, 2006

. . . and so we beat back, ceaselessly against the current of Ketel Red Bulls . . .

Boys and girls, welcome to Celebrity Worship Theater.

It's been a while since I've used this space to vent about a cultural issue, but this article grabbed me for its Fitzgerald allusion to Gatsby and his obsessions with those who had more money and status than he. A Gatsby, therefore, is akin to today's party hosts and VIP planners. He is not a celebrity, but enjoys being close to those who are.

But there is a difference between Gatsby and these modern-day scenemakers. Gatsby may have had a made-up persona, but at least it was a persona. These people are about as dimensional as a parking ticket. The only reason they can even conduct these Xenii parties is because they have money and a perceived exclusivity.

The quotes in the story are unbelievable. "There are no hot guys here." "I'm not going to meet the woman I'm going to marry here, but I'm OK with that" "Not to be an elitist, but let's be honest, I want to be with the same demographic [as Jessica Alba]."

The entire structure of these parties is not so much like a real party, but a reality TV show about people who think they're special for hanging out with celebrities. The venues are outfitted like a soundstage. Celebrities are invited as if it were a casting call. And the wealthy pay a stout monthly fee (let's just say it's about eight times what I pay for rent) just to be around them.

I have to say, there are times when I'm happy I'm just a plebian. If I had to pay for friends, I'd be downing the $15 cocktails, too.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


There's just something terribly icky about the Snow appointment, but it's icky in the way that most of Bush's appointments have been icky since day one. It's icky because it reeks of cronyism and a disturbing liplock between Rupert Murdoch and the entire Bush Administration's collective ass. But it's so unsurprisingly icky at the same time. I am completely tapped as far as outrage goes at this point. Sure. Go ahead. Hire a perfectly-coiffed talking head for a position that once held real gravitas and credibility. Whatever.

At this point, I'd probably barely be bothered to blog about it if Bush started manufacturing toilet paper printed with the first amendment.

The more troubling thing here as someone on Eschaton pointed out, is that Scotty was a bad liar, and Snowblower is a good one. We're in for some serious smarm here. Scotty was like a guy trying to explain a rash of office supply thefts to his manager. Snow is going to be like the accused in a date rape case. It's gonna be icky in a whole new way.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Thanks, Corndog!

Tuesday List: Fun in San Francisco!


1. According to a gay man, I was the cutest lesbian at this party. Too bad I'm straight.

2. You can get great bargains on accessories at Piedmont's, if you are willing to wade through marabou feather pasties and holographic panties.

3. Laurel Heights billionaire wives consign some really cute clothes for really cheap.

4. Watermelon Wheat beer is really, really good.

5. Beware of Chinese women who want to shove too-small jade bracelets onto your wrist. I still have bruises.

6. The Alcatraz self-guided tour is well worth the price of admission.

7. Bear Bars are recommended for their quality hot wings.

8. Sex shops in the Castro are notable for their truly stunning porn collections, in full display for windowshoppers.

9. The Muir Woods feel like a scene in Lord of the Rings.

10. Taking your indie-rock-lovin' boyfriend to Amoeba Records is like taking an ADD 7-year old to Chuckie Cheese.

11. If the stars are aligned just right, you might find yourself sipping a mojito in a bar in the Castro whilst listening to "It's Raining Men." I did.

12. Someone stole a guy's van in the Haight. Then, someone stole the guy's "stolen van" sign and gave it to me as a souvenir. But I'm not going to name names.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm famous on the Internets.

Last night was the very crowded, very lively Drinking Liberally with our very special guest, Markos Mouslitas of DailyKos:

Had to get a pic. He's so tiny!

It was gratifying that he recognized my blog name and that I was able to meet so many Colorado bloggers that I'd known by name only. A great time, and it made me glad to be a part of something so much bigger than me. This is what the Internet is, at its best, I think. A way to create real community through virtual connections.

My flight leaves in three hours, folks, so I'm out till Tuesday. So talk amongst yourselves, rabblerousers.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bye, Scottie. And Karl- don't get too comfy there.

This is what my dad calls "when the wheels fall off."

There's kind of a hubris thing here that satisfies the English major in me. The hero's arrogance is what eventually brings him down. Karl wasn't really a genius, he was just well-connected and willing to break the rules. McClellan wasn't any kind of press expert, he was just one of those dolls that has six different phrases for each time you pull the string. And they got away with it for a good long time, but there is something about true, deep, bad failure that spreads from the top down in any situation. Especially when the one doing most of the failing also fails at putting competent people in important positions.

I said this on Atrios the other day . . . everyone is good at something. Bush is good at failing. He's done it all his life, and you almost have to admire how good he's become at it. He's a virtuoso of failure.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday Lists: Jaded Edition


1. The Olive Garden
2. Exploring nuclear energy technologies
3. John Mayer
4. "CSI: Miami"
5. Kim Cattrall as "Samantha"
6. Organized religion
7. "The DaVinci Code"
8. Kohl's
9. The Cadillac Escalade
10. Crocs.


1. Draining pasta
2. Chopping vegetables
3. Storing leftovers
4. Doing a sit-up
5. Shaving one's legs
6. Cooking an egg
7. Sleeping

Monday, April 17, 2006

I see dead people

So this weekend, la familia vespa took my mom to Gunter Von Hagens' Bodyworlds Two exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I took along the boyfriend (we all get along famously) and went to behold the wonders of the human body, preserved in silicone. It was mama vespa's B-day and she wanted to see the dead people.

It was really fascinating, though really difficult to reconcile the idea that the people on display were once among the living. The thing that kind of crystallized it for me was a tattoo on one guy's wrist. Spooky.

Other than that, an Easter weekend spent in true Agnostic style, sleeping in, no church, running errands, enjoying the sunshine. Went up to chez Dex to partake in some HBO (Big Love, my new favorite Mormon soap opera) and stayed for the new Doctor Who. I'm intrigued.

In other news, it's gonna be a short blogging week, as I'll probably refrain from posting whilst in San Francisco. By this time on Thursday I will have downed my first in-flight cocktail and be high above the Colorado Rockies on my way West.

So for now, this is about alls I got . . . plus a new Soapblox post on how Wayne "My Face Is Made Of Pretzel Dough And Ignorance" Allard was recently voted among America's five worst senators. Go Colorado!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday dogbloggin

OK, she's not a cat. She's not a random ten. But she's my favorite pitbull-mastiff mix in the universe. I give you my childhood pet, noble defender, and just all-around awesome dog:


This is Olive's happy face. She does this whenever she is happy to see someone. Here, my mom managed to capture Olive's happy face on film.

Happy weekend, all.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

But his name sounds all French and stuff.

Retired Maj. Gen. John Batiste bravely asks: War? What is it good for?

And what's even better is when he takes aim at the complacency of the pro-war Right:

And certainly, too many of these families truly understand the meaning of sacrifice. Most Americans only confront this issue by deciding what color of magnet on the back end of their SUV.

It's getting uglier, folks. More and more people who know what they are saying are saying things like this . . .

This guy is calling for Rumsfeld's resignation. It's the old standoff between the Rummy "let's create a nimble (read:understaffed) military!" and the stalwart Military establishment. But it's got a lot more resonance now that support for the war is waning.

I think this gives me hope that DeLay's takedown was, really, only the beginning.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

duck! and cover!

Can someone tell me in small words just why I should not be terrified right now?

I've been spending the better part of this week (although this has, on the whole, not been a great week so the better part is still not very good) trying NOT to think about this. But it just seems to me that this can go many ways, none of them positive.

While some say that they don't see any reason for Israel to be the only nuclear-capable nation in the Middle East, I don't really see any reason why there should be any nuclear-capable nations, period. I don't know who Iran will posture toward and I can't see it ending well in any scenario, no matter who they pick to intimidate.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I think they're gonna haul out and drop Big One on the midwest or anything. But it's kinda like how it makes me nervous that so many Americans carry guns. I mean, defense and protection are valid concerns, but when it comes right down to it, the whole notion of protection and the whole idea of a threat is contingent upon actually using the weapon to kill people.

And whether it's a pistol or a thermonuclear device, there are consequences that will occur upon the use of either.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The triumphant return of Tuesday Lists!

I'm sorry. I've been like, crazy, OCD-style-busy these past months, and I've been neglecting Tuesday List duties. So here's a two-fer. That ought to last ya.


1. I have purchased faux chuck taylors at Payless Shoe Source
2. I gave up on my Goth phase when it got to be too much work
3. I have an insatiable thirst for Vitamin Water bottled beverages
4. I drive a car that I'd trust to take me safely across a state line
5. About 80 percent of my belongings were purchased at Target
6. I have a 401k
7. I'm secretly kinda pleased that there will be a smoking ban in bars in Denver by July
8. I have no tattoos
9. My bike is not vintage but is built to look like it is
10. I get pedicures


1. A furry dog suit crucified on a post at the intersection of Broadway and Highway 66 on the far North side of Boulder
2. A man in a zoot suit, black and white wingtips and a four-foot watch chain walking down Blake Street in the sunshine
3. A bald man in a dress on a Rascal scooter trying to cross Colfax
4. An aged homeless man with a big white beard singing God Bless America on a bench on the 16th Street Mall
5. A female bodybuilder who looked like Iggy Pop, at my gym in Glendale
6. A couple dressed as Neo and Trinity from the Matrix pushing a stroller down Clarkson near 10th Ave.
7. The filming of a Christian educational film on abstinence at Governor's Park
8. Four elderly gay men in Hawaiian-print shirts at Diedrich's near Cheesman Park (OK, so maybe that's not so unusual, but I remember wanting to spend the rest of my morning with them instead of going to work)
9. A hipster girl pool shark in pearls and a miniskirt beating the pants off of her male opponent at Three Kings Tavern on Saturday

Monday, April 10, 2006

Hardcore, baby

So this weekend I went to a different rock show each night. This wasn't really planned; I got press passes to Pink Martini for Friday, tickets to an e-town taping for Sunday and the boyfriend suggested an evening with our buddies Everything Absent or Distorted at the Three Kings Tavern on Saturday. So we had what I've been terming "our Very Own SXSW" weekend.

Pink Martini was a lot of fun- a very eclectic orchestra that played everything from 1930s Carmen Miranda songs to 1970s Japanese Carole-King style music. Plus, it was at the very deco-swank Gothic Theater out in Englewood, adding to the cool expatriate Cabaret feel.

Saturday's show was an interesting night, at the Three Kings, formerly the Cherry Pit (Pit was a very apt term for that place, and when it burned down last year it was nearly an aesthetic improvement). The night was not just music- they had comedian Adam Clayton Holland, some really good DJs and a premiere of a video from West Indian Girl on the projection screen. Plus a band called Pee Pee and the grand finale with Everything Absent or Distorted didn't even start until 12:35 or so. It was a late night but I was feeling pretty good and wound up dancing the night away.

The e-town taping was well worth the drive to Boulder. Dar Williams' voice is like buttah and Spoon put on a good, if subdued, show. Plus a talk with Harvey Wasserman on alternative energy.

I don't think I could do this every weekend. In fact, I know I couldn't. But this was a good break- it's nice to end a really tedious week with a weekend like that. It's nice to remember that I am 24 and can rock out all weekend long if I need to. And I needed to.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Hooray for random!

The ten:

1. Way Out West, Verbena
2. Take Me Out, Franz Ferdinand (Star Wars fanboys/girls click here for some Franz Ferdinand/Obi Wan fun)
3. Black Tambourine, Beck
4. Palm of My Hand, Cake
5. Bombs Over Bagdad, Outkast (Gotta love Southern rap with a sizzling, Prince-style guitar solo)
6. Tonight, Iggy Pop
7. The Brouhaha, Beastie Boys
8. First Day of my Life, Bright Eyes
9. Confusion, The Zutons (I forgot all about these guys.)
10. The Look of Love, Dusty Springfield.

Wow, an eclectic mix this week.

Well, work calls, etc etc, but I have a bonus pic for you all:

Opening day at Coors Field . . .

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Moral Majority

Wow. Just . . . wow.

And there's more.

So the Department of Homeland Security is like the Registered Sex Offender's list of the Bush Administration.

Do you feel safer now?

I mean, I realize these men are sick. They have a mental illness. And yes, it is wrong that we criminalize mental illness to the degree that we do in this country. They should be treated. They should have access to medical professionals and proper care. They should be kept far away from potential victims.

I agree with all of that.

But I also think that they probably should *not* have high-ranking positions within the federal government. I want to know what their superiors knew about their histories before they got these DHS jobs. Everyone who gets some cush job in the Bush Administration only gets it because they are owed favors by people in power. I want to know what these guys did for their bosses before getting these jobs. Nobody's back goes unscratched with this crew.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Onion Hearts Bloggers!

Today's "What do YOU Think?" features opinions from Amanda Marcotte, "Mouslitas Ziniga" and John Amato.

Somehow I failed to make the cut.