Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bye, Scottie. And Karl- don't get too comfy there.

This is what my dad calls "when the wheels fall off."

There's kind of a hubris thing here that satisfies the English major in me. The hero's arrogance is what eventually brings him down. Karl wasn't really a genius, he was just well-connected and willing to break the rules. McClellan wasn't any kind of press expert, he was just one of those dolls that has six different phrases for each time you pull the string. And they got away with it for a good long time, but there is something about true, deep, bad failure that spreads from the top down in any situation. Especially when the one doing most of the failing also fails at putting competent people in important positions.

I said this on Atrios the other day . . . everyone is good at something. Bush is good at failing. He's done it all his life, and you almost have to admire how good he's become at it. He's a virtuoso of failure.


  1. Your description of Scotty "Sucka MC" McClellan is quite accurate, but I wouldn't get too excited about Rove's so-called change of roles -- from what I understand, while his official title may be changing, his purpose (i.e. devious partisan douchenozzle) is still pretty much the same.

    Of course, this is all just so much Titanic deck-chair-rearranging, since so far Bush has only chosen people who were already in his inner circle (like Josh Bolten) to replace the people who are leaving it. If this is all intended to give his administration a shot in the arm, it's only going to be a shot of stuff they've already been getting, which apparently isn't all that great.

  2. Hey, VV,
    When you go to SF, be sure to eat at the Cinderella. Wonderful Russian food and a lovely little bakery.