Wednesday, April 12, 2006

duck! and cover!

Can someone tell me in small words just why I should not be terrified right now?

I've been spending the better part of this week (although this has, on the whole, not been a great week so the better part is still not very good) trying NOT to think about this. But it just seems to me that this can go many ways, none of them positive.

While some say that they don't see any reason for Israel to be the only nuclear-capable nation in the Middle East, I don't really see any reason why there should be any nuclear-capable nations, period. I don't know who Iran will posture toward and I can't see it ending well in any scenario, no matter who they pick to intimidate.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I think they're gonna haul out and drop Big One on the midwest or anything. But it's kinda like how it makes me nervous that so many Americans carry guns. I mean, defense and protection are valid concerns, but when it comes right down to it, the whole notion of protection and the whole idea of a threat is contingent upon actually using the weapon to kill people.

And whether it's a pistol or a thermonuclear device, there are consequences that will occur upon the use of either.


  1. The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said “I declare here that the laboratory-scale nuclear fuel cycle has been completed and young scientists produced enriched uranium”. What was his definition of laboratory-scale? Laboratory scale characterization, small scale and pilot scale test method development.

  2. I'm afraid those words aren't small enough.

  3. For what it's worth, the Iranians are not stupid. They are confronted with the Iraq situation on their west, Pakistan and India on the east with Bin Laden in between, and Russia on the north. Nukes all around. You can kind of hear the conversations in the palace in Teheran.

    Really find my self longing for the Clinton appraoch at this point. Our administration is not doing anything to help resolve this situation in any way shape or form. That worries me. I'm really not worried about "the big one" falling on NoDak but going into Iran will end much differently from going into Iraq. Iran's taken a lot of steps to protect themselves from the surrounding chaos over the past few years and has a zealous military that will not roll over like the Iraqis did. :-)>

  4. I will now try to help you not cry with a post that has no word that is not tiny.

    So Iran will get the bomb. Is that bad? the Left says it is bad! why does the Left hate us so? are they reds, or are they all homo?

    It is not bad when Iran gets the bomb. This is not so bad at all! Here is an idea for you:

    When the USA went to war in Iraq, we sent lots of men in, and many of them did not come home. That is no way to wage war in this day and age! We have the bomb!

    But, uh-oh -- how can we use the bomb on some wee spot that does not have a bomb that they own? We can not, for the UN does not like that, as they are all gays or some such. So, we had to duke it out in Iraq the bad old way.

    What can we do? We can not let any more WASP boys die in wars! but, the way the GOP must stay on top is to keep the USA at war all the time! how do we go on?

    I will tell you! We will LET Iran get the bomb! Then, it will be OK for us to nuke them back to the Iron Age! Now that is a nice sort of war, with no WASP boys at risk, and the only ones who die are not like us!

    Let us all clap for Bush and his big plan! he will save the USA, and that will rock! So, do not cry. The Big Guy has it all in hand. When Iran gets a nuke, we will all nod, and wink, and we will all turn out OK. And by 'we' I mean you, and me, and a few more, but just a few.

  5. New levels of mendacity: Girl, did you see that goddamn bloomberg article (linked from Sadly, Nein! last night), the one where they try to sell the line that, all the sudden, Iran can have the bomb in 16 days (!!!!)(but only if, you know, they had all this stuff they don't have...)?

    Cheney wants to drop the bomb. NOne of us can stop him.


    (- -) (_ _) (- -)

    That's me bowing in your general direction.


  7. The scam on this is that threatening nukes is an intimidating ploy so nothing real needs to be done.
    As if there's no audience ( there's a whole world out there ) and it wasn't the craziest plan : threaten to nuke someone who had seemed to play by the rules ( Iran ) and wink at someone who didn't ( Pakistan ).
    Short version. Nobody knows what the nutcup will or won't do : better ramp up defence !
    There's no call to think the leader of North Korea is the king of incompetence : the Bush league will give them a run for the money !
    Now, if there was any reason to think people could get along they might try.
    What's the predictable payoff for acting the fool ? ( Hint : it isn't respect or trust )
    My problem is this has gone on so long I have ruled out any explanation except it's deliberate. Did you see Bush's face light up the first time he said "I'm a War President !" ?