Monday, April 10, 2006

Hardcore, baby

So this weekend I went to a different rock show each night. This wasn't really planned; I got press passes to Pink Martini for Friday, tickets to an e-town taping for Sunday and the boyfriend suggested an evening with our buddies Everything Absent or Distorted at the Three Kings Tavern on Saturday. So we had what I've been terming "our Very Own SXSW" weekend.

Pink Martini was a lot of fun- a very eclectic orchestra that played everything from 1930s Carmen Miranda songs to 1970s Japanese Carole-King style music. Plus, it was at the very deco-swank Gothic Theater out in Englewood, adding to the cool expatriate Cabaret feel.

Saturday's show was an interesting night, at the Three Kings, formerly the Cherry Pit (Pit was a very apt term for that place, and when it burned down last year it was nearly an aesthetic improvement). The night was not just music- they had comedian Adam Clayton Holland, some really good DJs and a premiere of a video from West Indian Girl on the projection screen. Plus a band called Pee Pee and the grand finale with Everything Absent or Distorted didn't even start until 12:35 or so. It was a late night but I was feeling pretty good and wound up dancing the night away.

The e-town taping was well worth the drive to Boulder. Dar Williams' voice is like buttah and Spoon put on a good, if subdued, show. Plus a talk with Harvey Wasserman on alternative energy.

I don't think I could do this every weekend. In fact, I know I couldn't. But this was a good break- it's nice to end a really tedious week with a weekend like that. It's nice to remember that I am 24 and can rock out all weekend long if I need to. And I needed to.


  1. 1970s Japanese Carole-King style music

    That sounds fantastic. I gotta get me some of that.

  2. my first year in acupuncture school in Portland, OR I volunteered at the opening night party for the film fest - it was maybe the 5th ever Pink Martini show, and I saw a whole bunch in my 4 years there. they are really something.

    and you saw Pee Pee!! I love Doo, he's one of my favorite people in this town. did you like them?

    when you get to your late 30s you find these nights when you want to go out, but then staying at home and going to sleep early is even more appealing.

  3. Oh, tovah:

    I was going to comment that Pink Martini was from Portland, but you beat me to it.

    And on going out: it doesn't get any easier in your early 40s! Though I did manage to go dancing Saturday night (and I don't suck at all).

    Have fun in SanFran, VV! Make sure you to to Telegraph Hill and have some excellent Italian food!