Friday, April 07, 2006

Hooray for random!

The ten:

1. Way Out West, Verbena
2. Take Me Out, Franz Ferdinand (Star Wars fanboys/girls click here for some Franz Ferdinand/Obi Wan fun)
3. Black Tambourine, Beck
4. Palm of My Hand, Cake
5. Bombs Over Bagdad, Outkast (Gotta love Southern rap with a sizzling, Prince-style guitar solo)
6. Tonight, Iggy Pop
7. The Brouhaha, Beastie Boys
8. First Day of my Life, Bright Eyes
9. Confusion, The Zutons (I forgot all about these guys.)
10. The Look of Love, Dusty Springfield.

Wow, an eclectic mix this week.

Well, work calls, etc etc, but I have a bonus pic for you all:

Opening day at Coors Field . . .


  1. Rough duty but, hey, somebody's gotta do it...ya know? :-)>

  2. Wow. Probably the only time Coors Field will be that full all season.

  3. did you go to opening day? i went to opening day too.

  4. Good to see you enjoy a ballgame, such has its own atmosphere.

    Meanwhile, they've discovered your vespa incarnation.

    A death totem. Orange helmeted, and it lives in high altitudes.

    Beware the Killer Wasp!