Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm famous on the Internets.

Last night was the very crowded, very lively Drinking Liberally with our very special guest, Markos Mouslitas of DailyKos:

Had to get a pic. He's so tiny!

It was gratifying that he recognized my blog name and that I was able to meet so many Colorado bloggers that I'd known by name only. A great time, and it made me glad to be a part of something so much bigger than me. This is what the Internet is, at its best, I think. A way to create real community through virtual connections.

My flight leaves in three hours, folks, so I'm out till Tuesday. So talk amongst yourselves, rabblerousers.


  1. There's only one thing to do in response to such a fortutious meeting: start your own diary-based community with a bunch of nattering weirdoes. Wait a minute...

    Have fun! Send Rice-a-Roni!

  2. I got one of you!

    Blogger won't let me comment with html, but it is here:

  3. Are you on your way to San Francisco without my phone number? Give me a call if you get a chance: four-1-5, six-three-7, eight-seven, 3-7. I'll buy you a drink.

  4. A Dem blogger who lives in Denver, attended DL with Markos, and works in advertising? It's like I'm looking at myself. Except I know how McClain did at the Art Director's Club judging this weekend and you don't. Pleased to meet you.