Thursday, April 06, 2006

Moral Majority

Wow. Just . . . wow.

And there's more.

So the Department of Homeland Security is like the Registered Sex Offender's list of the Bush Administration.

Do you feel safer now?

I mean, I realize these men are sick. They have a mental illness. And yes, it is wrong that we criminalize mental illness to the degree that we do in this country. They should be treated. They should have access to medical professionals and proper care. They should be kept far away from potential victims.

I agree with all of that.

But I also think that they probably should *not* have high-ranking positions within the federal government. I want to know what their superiors knew about their histories before they got these DHS jobs. Everyone who gets some cush job in the Bush Administration only gets it because they are owed favors by people in power. I want to know what these guys did for their bosses before getting these jobs. Nobody's back goes unscratched with this crew.

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