Wednesday, April 26, 2006


There's just something terribly icky about the Snow appointment, but it's icky in the way that most of Bush's appointments have been icky since day one. It's icky because it reeks of cronyism and a disturbing liplock between Rupert Murdoch and the entire Bush Administration's collective ass. But it's so unsurprisingly icky at the same time. I am completely tapped as far as outrage goes at this point. Sure. Go ahead. Hire a perfectly-coiffed talking head for a position that once held real gravitas and credibility. Whatever.

At this point, I'd probably barely be bothered to blog about it if Bush started manufacturing toilet paper printed with the first amendment.

The more troubling thing here as someone on Eschaton pointed out, is that Scotty was a bad liar, and Snowblower is a good one. We're in for some serious smarm here. Scotty was like a guy trying to explain a rash of office supply thefts to his manager. Snow is going to be like the accused in a date rape case. It's gonna be icky in a whole new way.


  1. you know, i a felt a little linda-blair-headspinning coming on, but the thing of it is, though, is that being a press secretary for the president is a real job. it's a far cry from ranting about john kerry and taking calls for a radio show.

    ari fleischer was born with talking points in his hand, and he couldn't hang for more than a couple of years.

  2. I think the hope is that Snow has some insider dirty laundry on his fellow "journalists," and many will be less likely to pitch hardballs at him...

  3. hey teh, isn't there a filthy term having to do with snowballs? like snowconing? or am i just thinking of felching?