Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The triumphant return of Tuesday Lists!

I'm sorry. I've been like, crazy, OCD-style-busy these past months, and I've been neglecting Tuesday List duties. So here's a two-fer. That ought to last ya.


1. I have purchased faux chuck taylors at Payless Shoe Source
2. I gave up on my Goth phase when it got to be too much work
3. I have an insatiable thirst for Vitamin Water bottled beverages
4. I drive a car that I'd trust to take me safely across a state line
5. About 80 percent of my belongings were purchased at Target
6. I have a 401k
7. I'm secretly kinda pleased that there will be a smoking ban in bars in Denver by July
8. I have no tattoos
9. My bike is not vintage but is built to look like it is
10. I get pedicures


1. A furry dog suit crucified on a post at the intersection of Broadway and Highway 66 on the far North side of Boulder
2. A man in a zoot suit, black and white wingtips and a four-foot watch chain walking down Blake Street in the sunshine
3. A bald man in a dress on a Rascal scooter trying to cross Colfax
4. An aged homeless man with a big white beard singing God Bless America on a bench on the 16th Street Mall
5. A female bodybuilder who looked like Iggy Pop, at my gym in Glendale
6. A couple dressed as Neo and Trinity from the Matrix pushing a stroller down Clarkson near 10th Ave.
7. The filming of a Christian educational film on abstinence at Governor's Park
8. Four elderly gay men in Hawaiian-print shirts at Diedrich's near Cheesman Park (OK, so maybe that's not so unusual, but I remember wanting to spend the rest of my morning with them instead of going to work)
9. A hipster girl pool shark in pearls and a miniskirt beating the pants off of her male opponent at Three Kings Tavern on Saturday


  1. 1. I have purchased faux chuck taylors at Payless Shoe Source

    I bought fake Vans, where does that rank?

  2. #2 - I thought I would go undetected. Damn.

  3. I gave up on my Goth phase when it got to be too much work

    Ha ha - you and me both, honey. But I sure did give them something to look at back when I used to show up for my chemistry classes looking like Daniel Ash!

  4. I have no tattoos

    And you definitely need to do something about this!

  5. 2, 5, 7 (but not so secretly), 8...I'm easly as much a poseur as yourself.