Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Smile because it happened

I want to thank him for helping me grow in ways I never thought imaginable.
I want to thank him for the opportunity to learn that I could, despite my cynicism, be loved.
I want to thank him for the moments of sheer, uninhibited happiness that he brought me, right when I was most hopeless.
I want to thank him for the million times we made each other laugh.
I want to thank him for introducing me to parts of myself, and life, and the world, in the best and most beautiful way.
I want to thank him for the countless lessons I learned from all of this.
Thank you for teaching me that I can make someone happy. And if I let my guard down, I can let someone make me happy, too.
I loved you in the best way that I could, and I'll probably never stop being sorry that it wasn't quite enough.

Thank you.


  1. tuned in accidentally yesterday to your dillema - am avoiding blogs these days - trying to get work done - and as I told you yesterday it made me very sad - my love is experiencing similar angst - she needs to have more experiences before she settles in and I can appreciate it having once been 25 - and yet... I waited more than 40 years to find someone I'm this compatible with - this spiritually, intellectually and physically connected to - I'm not sure I have the time, patience or even the desire to go seek out another such person - for all I know that person doesn't exist - I wish you much luck and love and thank you for baring your heart and giving me some insight - it was very helpful - we're going out tomorrow night - I'm not sure if I'll let that falling together thing happen this time - for my sanity and the hope that... well, you know. Tlaa!

  2. This is a beautiful post but sorry to read it.

    I'm giving this to my friends who just yell WHY WHY WHY I HATE HIM. What you wrote is how I try to handle these things - feel the hurt, concentrate on the positive parts, and just keep moving forward.