Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday list: Stolen/Lazy edition:

Ballpark Promotions.


- - - -

Estranged Spouse Night

"The Scientology of Baseball"

Gillette Straight Razor Giveaway, as part of "Turn Back the Clock" Night

Kissin' Kousins Night

Scotts Turf Builder Dandelion Seed Night

"Race Toward the Cure!" Night (featuring a performance by the Cure)

Laser Pointer Night

Goth Day

Queer Eye makeovers

Open Bar Night


  1. Goth Day?

    Oick. They really were clueless in the head office when they came up with that one.

  2. Actually, didja know there is an unofficial Goth Day at Disneyland every year?

    All the OC kids who don't fit in take their little patent leather backpacks and fishnet stockings and hang out in the magical kingdom all day.

    No joke:
    Goth Day at Disneyland

  3. Open Bar Night

    Heh. The Cleveland Indians already tried something very similar to this in 1974. It was called "Nickel Beer Night," and baseball has never been the same:

    "1974: Desperate to draw fans to watch the struggling Indians, promoters decide to have a Nickel Beer Night. During the promotion beer would be offered for a nickel apiece. This would lead to one of the largest crowds at Municipal Stadium in years, and would be the recipe for disaster the fans ended up getting drunk on the cheep beer, and began to riot. This would lead to the Indians forfeiting the game against the Texas Rangers as players had to be rushed off the field to escape the flying beer bottles. The whole fiasco would end up in the cancellation of all future such cheap beer promotions throughout baseball."

    These are dark times indeed.