Thursday, May 25, 2006

Young whippersnapper

Oh, for chrissakes.
(via atrios)

You know, I'm almost out of the 18 to 24 year old demographic, but I think I'm still within it enough to tell Bill O'Reilly he can bite me.

Bite me, Bill.

I think I can speak for most of us in this little handily market-tested age bracket when I say that ignorance has no age. My grandparents are 80 years old and still forward me e-mails foretelling how Bill Gates is gonna start charging for e-mail, or that the post office is catering to terrorists because they are issuing a stamp to celebrate Eid or that some missing eight-year-old kid is going to need our prayers. My grandparents are not really ignorant people, but they sometimes fail to inform themselves on things, and sometimes fail to do enough research and sometimes take these kinds of things at face value. Ignorance is a choice, in some ways. You choose to become informed and make that a priority, or you choose not to. It's a choice independent of age and experience.

And if kids are watching Jon Stewart, they are making the choice to be informed as well as entertained. Kids who watch nothing but Entourage or American Idol are choosing not to be informed. If older folks are watching Frontline or Sixty Minutes, they are choosing to inform themselves. If they spend hours watching Matlock or Touched by an Angel, they're making another choice. It's a human choice, not a choice determined by how many times you've been around the sun.


  1. regardless of whatever numbers bill is stringing together, my guess is that the vast majority of the 18-24 demo knows the difference between a loofah and a falafel.

  2. Well, see, you have to start from the premise that Fox News represents objective reality.

  3. "In some young precincts, it is hip to be dumb, cool to be uninformed..."

    really? i usually feel like a worthless idiot if my knowelege of public affairs is not up to snuff...

    "In fact, you're a geek if you know a lot about current events."

    a geek in a good way.

  4. I read an article not too long ago that outlined which political/debate TV shows were increasing in viewership and which ones were not. O'Reilly's ratings, from what I could gather, have been dropping like a stone. So I think what we're seeing here is, once again, O'Reilly's enormous yet easily bruised ego stepping to the fore.

  5. Word.

    My mom got a BA in international relations from a good school in the early '60s.

    Now she's a talk radio junkie who thinks that France is nearly an Islamic theocracy.

    It took many years, but she now knows as little about the world as when she started.