Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bajaj the night away

Last night I got some Bajaj practice in- and it was so different than the motorcycles we'd been on for the class. If I'd had Uma (yeah, that's the name I'm going with. Uma.) at the class test, I'd have aced it. No problem. She's lighter, less touchy, and she's mine. There's a lot to be said for that.

I made a few figure eights around the handicapped parking signs at the local Elementary school, did a few hard stops, and even got up the guts to cruise around the old neighborhood. I did fine. I was confident, comfortable, and I looked good.

Can't wait to get her licensed. I'm gonna fly around Capitol Hill like a real European.


  1. Is your scooter over the 150cc's? If not, you don't need a special CDL designation--or a license plate. Anything under that size is considered a motorized bicycle under Colorado statute.

    Not that there is anything wrong with learning how to ride safe...

  2. That's the issue, DMTT- it's right AT 150 ccs. So yeah, I have to get the endorsement to ride legally.

    And to register the sucker.

  3. Sorry, that should have read 50cc's. You'd think that someone with an Iowa public school education would be able to type better!

    Yes, it is best to be legal and above board. Unless you are a rethuglican, then it would be totally OK to break the laws. :>)

    May I ask what sold you on the Bajaj? I'm in the market, but can't decide what kind of scooter I want...