Thursday, June 08, 2006

Funny, I don't *feel* any safer.

Richard Clarke, smart guy that he is, noted that we are truly no safer now than before Zarqawi was killed. He's right, of course. We are no safer now, we were no safer when Uday and Qusay got greased, we were no safer when we got Sadaam. But what's so interesting is that over at the Free Republic, they greeted Clarke's statement with comments like this:

"We heard this same rap when Saddam Hussein was captured....."

So . . . yeah, we did hear the same rap. Because it's true. But why do the Freepers bring this up as evidence of something?

Obviously, they feel something we don't.


  1. is it truly better to have the war here? would you like life better if you lived in a third world country. do you want to have to wear a birka, do you think is't okay to kill a woman who has been raped because it was her fault. is it okay to supress a person because she is a she? do you feel like it's okay to have to bow to the east three times a day or be stoned to death in the street? if so, it's nice to meet the first truly virgian libral woman in the whole of the world. you don't have any freedom there. you have it here. here, you don't have to have a god, there, you have to prais alla and live and die in poverty because it is 'his' will. here, you can beat up on christians, and it's cool, there, you get to die for it. yes, the world is a safer place, yes, it's going to go on untill way afer we die, hopefully of old age, but, still, did you want to live free, and die free, or did you want to be stoned in the streets by a culture that hasn't had a renesaunce and will not accept you? if you want to live in a third word theoracy, move there, don't shove you're ignorace onto the rest of us, who, really love people, but, refuse to sacrafice our freedom, and the freedom of our families, or chidren, or grand-folks, to choose a more passive stance. there is no talking to these peolple, all they want to do, is kill you, your first sin, you have a different idea. I undersand that maybe you're mis informed, that's cool too, but you have no excuse, you are online, and you have access to the whole world, and, even when the facts are in, you hate america so much, and hate, yes, bush so much, that you would submitt not only your life, but mine, and my children to the real will of their theocracy, and, respecfully ma'am, I can't let that happen. Maybe if you informed yourself a little better, and didn't rely on ingorant answers to difficult questions, you could see that you are actually shooting yourself in the foot. I wouldn't mind if you did. But don't shoot yourself through the foot and kill my culture, my children, my faith, and, me, at the same time. Is it truly you want to live in a third world country? Then, please be my guest, and starve there, untill the american people come to feed and free you.

  2. Did he call you Miss Informed?
    Is he trying to out you?

  3. I think he's got it backwards. Iraq *was* a brutal secular dictatorship, and is going to end up as a Shi'ite theocracy. It's maybe a slight improvement, but it's not exactly a blow to Islam.

    Maybe I've missed Anonymous's point, but it's too late at night for me to read something that incoherent. Dude, seriously, I know the meds make you feel all foggy, but they're for your own good, I promise.

  4. Goodness Graciovs! We dwell in the most powerfvl repvblic in modern times, and yet these nay-sayers persist in tearing down ovr many fine accomplishments and deriding our svccesses!

    I tell yov: now that the criminal Jesvs Christvs has been killed, Rome's power shall persist forever!

  5. I got into it last night at a relatives event down in Tancredo country (I'm about 2 neighborhoods over from you).

    A great guy, a cousin I otherwise love, is a full on rightie who admitted he's pissed at the rethugs but went on about how wishy washy I am for voicing these same damn concerns and how delusional (my word, his sentiment) I am for having domestic concerns as my top priority. He did the usual rethug line about dems having no ideas, and when I tried to tell him there are ideas but the media won't let them be heard, he yelled at me for interupting his though process and refused to stay in the 'conversation' with me. And this is one of the relatives I like!

  6. did you want to be stoned in the streets by a culture that hasn't had a renesaunce

    I don't know who this Rene guy is, but he sounds pretty important.

  7. did you want to be stoned in the streets by a culture that hasn't had a renesaunce

    I don't know who this Rene guy is, but he sounds pretty important.

    Rene could change the world if he'd just lay off the saunce.

  8. Anonymous said...

    "do you feel like it's okay to have to bow to the east three times a day or be stoned to death in the street?"

    Do you feel it is OK for propagandist shits to portray one-off events as routine? If so, how come these same propagandists never do it about their own country?

    What if someone turned the tables and asked if anyone would like to live in America, where gays are crucified, where abortionists are executed, where women are regarded as incubators, where hate speech is allowed, where 5% of the population are far more 'equal' than the other 95% of the population and where you are only equal if you are rich?

    All those things do happen in the USA, but would it be fair to portray them as the norm?

    So, let’s try again:

    How many Muslim countries FORCE all women to wear a birka? None?

    In the one Muslim country that did, how many women stopped wearing one when the west forced the law to be changed? Hardly any.

    How many Muslim countries routinely kill a woman because she has been raped? None?

    How many Muslim countries actually suppress women? Is it suppression if they are happy with cultural values that give them a different role in society .. just as the men have a different role? Is it suppression just because we wouldn’t like to live that way? Do you not think that if they were to apply the same propagandist measures, then they would regard our ways as suppression individual rights?

    Have you actually considered how many Muslim countries have had a female leader … obviously because they are so oppressed, which is why they did little to change a system which they generally regard as venerating them?

    When did the United States ever have a female leader?

    How many Muslim countries have laws that force you to pray to Mecca even once a day? None?

    Have you considered that the only reason that so many people in Iraq live in abject poverty is because of the US lead sanctions that were in place for over a decade and cost the lives of several million innocent men, women and children?

    Have you considered why it is that since OUR invasion of Iraq, more than 350,000 people have died of starvation and illness that they wouldn't have died from prior to our invasion?

    Have you considered how ignorant you look when you comment on what you know bugger all about and simply repeat the same tired old propagandist shit?

    Have you stopped to consider what a racist bigot it makes you when you so happily ignore - or dismiss as an aberration - anything 'bad' that happens in your own country ... whilst you are happy to automatically embrace the notion that anything 'bad' that happens elsewhere is the routine that is proof of total evil?

    Have you considered how any rational person reading what you just said would sit there and wonder how terrible it must be to live in the United States and be surrounded by such IGNORANCE and HATE?

  9. Anonymous said...

    did you want to be stoned in the streets by a culture that hasn't had a renesaunce

    And have you considered the fact that it was the influence of Arab and Muslim culture that lead Western culture into renaissance and gave us the beginnings of modern medicinem mathematics and navigation, our current appreciation of art, poetry and architecture, gave us back experimentalism, introduced us to the focus on the importance of living well in the present and finally dragged us out of the Dark Ages?

    Obviously not. Try reading a history book ... ANY history book.

    Blessed are the totally ignorant, eh?

  10. PPS:

    Anonymous said...

    Then, please be my guest, and starve there, untill the american people come to feed and free you

    The United States of America, that gives less Third World aid (as a proportion of GDP) than ANY other developed country? .. and less than half the amount that most give? .. and where even that aid is dependent on twisted Christian fundamentalist morals of not advocating condom use as a means of birth control and to halt the spread of AIDS? .. whilst spending just as much money bolstering Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine and spending another $1/2 trillion on a pointless war – the only achievement of which is to create even more anti-American radicals?

    If I lived there, I certainly wouldn't be holding my breath for YOU to arrive and end the starvation. Hell, I wouldn't even be holding my breath for YOU to arrive if I was black and lived in New Orleans, let alone Iraq.


  11. Another different Anonymous:

    Thanks be to Mark for his rant. I sat down and drafted a similar missive myself, then life intervened, my blood pressure dropped, and it has now slowly sunk into the abyss of my drafts folder. I dug it back up and wanted to say a few bits more, mostly to make myself feel better.

    Wonder if the guy misspelled Renaissance on purpose so he can do a quick search and get back here. Further wonder if it’s someone who goes around tossing hand grenades into blogs like this just to see what happens. It’s really hard for me to believe that there’s anyone out there who really is that much of an ignorant asshole.

    On the off chance that there is, it's an absolute fallacy to believe that we’re safer now than before we went into Afghanistan or Iraq. We had the world behind us the day after the towers fell and now, I’d guess we’ve enraged something on the order of a million or two more young Muslim men to the level of froth required to be willing to blow themselves up and take lots of us with them. It gets worse with each day now. The path we’re on is not sustainable. Even C. Rice believes this. Continuing on this path will end in civil war in Iraq and Afghanistan and that's just over there.

    We can only hope that the 68% or so of us who now disapprove of the President will get out and vote all the RePubs out of power this November. It’s looking to me like this could be one of the greatest bloodbaths in modern political history I’m a feared however of the recent, magical, death of al-Zarqawi. The timing is just too convenient, ya’ know? Lord knows what might be next. The RePubs needed some serious miracles to have any hope of not being run out of town on a rail and this may have been the first. If there are some other “sudden” developments in Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan, I’ll be even more worried, depending on what they are.

    If there isn’t a sea change in the electorate this fall, then I will be really, really worried. I mean, come on! What does it take?

    Iraq war for no good reason, justified by lies and distortions, to us and even to the UN.

    Post war coalition administration corrupt, billions of taxpayer money gone.


    Hurricane Katrina

    Eavesdropping on innocent Americans without court oversight.

    Blurring the line between state and religion – faith based initiatives, curtailing AIDS mitigation education in favor of abstinence message with our won teens and adults world wide while millions are dying of this disease.


    Alienating nearly all of our allies in the world.

    Bush administration is suppressing science that it doesn’t agree with or that goes against the interests of it’s supporters, in particular anything relating t global warming, condom use, agricultural issues (impacts of large Hog operations etc.), science behind endangered species act and wilderness designation impacts.

    Gas prices – the administration is standing buy and allowing gas prices to soar. Not sure why. If this goes on long enough, it will cause the economy to buckle, may already be too late.

    VP shoots a guy in the face. (Alcohol was not involved. ;-) )

    Did I mention Cronyism?

    We could go on for hours. I’ve voted in 8 different presidential elections and I have never seen an administration this incompetent, this unwilling to admit (or correct) mistakes, enlist this many inept cronies, kill this many innocents, or piss so much of the world off at us. We are on a path to destruction and we must get this fixed before it’s too late.