Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's a small town, after all

In the past month, I've been hard at work trying to meet as many people in Denver's music/writing/activism scene as possible, and with a little help from MySpace, I've been doing pretty well. But what I've found is that the above-mentioned 'scene' is very very small, very intimate and very incestuous. I keep meeting people over and over again. Like the guy from the sandwich shop by my friend's coffeeshop, who also happens to be a poet and a friend of a friend from college (in Iowa. Weird.). Or the coffeeshop guy from down the street who I ran into at the Hi-Dive and at the Walkmen show last night. And the woman from the EAOD photo shoot who I saw was on the friend list of a person I met at Gabor's who works at Videotique. Currently, my social Venn diagram looks like a Spirograph.

Tiny scene. Small town. But it's comfortable and I like it.

Oh, and check the new profile pic.

It is mine. Oh yes, it is mine . . .


  1. Are you out having fun, is the question. And, are you dancing your ass off? ;-)

  2. Congrats; I saw the larger pic elsewhere. Time to raise hell!

  3. Nice bike.

    I was going to tell you to take your time and learn to ride it properly and to dress appropriately when you ride but you've heard all that before from others.

    So I'll just tell ya to enjoy. Enjoy, dammit!