Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday, Monday . . .

Back to the grind.

For me, for you . . . and apparently, for Al Qaeda, too.

But I can't be bothered by terrorists today.

Why? Because while we continue to lose the war on terror, things in my life are getting better. And I just got the photos from the EAOD photo shoot. Which was probably the best time I've ever had in a cemetery.

And I have two shows to go to this weekend. And a promising new freelance opportunity. And I've started to look seriously at library programs and at the whole Academic Librarian "thing." And I have scooter lessons coming up.

And it's gorgeous outside.

So there.


  1. funny story regarding your new "crisis" header:

    my office has these chinese banners hanging up. once we had a client in, who happened to be chinese. she said, "why do you have those up?" (this was in feb) and i said, "i don't know, maybe for the chinese new year?" and she said, "they say 'crisis.'" then she said she hoped they didn't effect our productivity.

    an example of how chinese characters as a part of pop culture is a bad thing.

  2. Oh, rats on the job. VV. Just wanted to tell you I'm thinking of you.