Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Dad

This is my dad.

My dad taught me that being a liberal meant having humanity. He taught me that real rock stars never sell their songs to commercials. He taught me that love is the most important thing you'll ever feel.

My dad reads my blog. He reads the New York Times and watches BBC news. He wears cool bowling shirts and likes to spend his weekends grilling something, building something or fixing something.

My dad and I get along pretty much all of the time. He doesn't like that I will take a "day job" rather than a dream job but that's only because he wants what is best for me. He has made it very difficult for me to find men whose qualities stack up when compared to Dad. He did this on purpose.

My dad spoils me. He and I like to have dinners at Pete's on University and talk about life. I can talk to him about just about anything. So thanks, Dad. And a happy belated Father's day from the difficult older one.


  1. You forgot the part about me being a consumate geek (yes, I am sending this from my blackberry!). You did bring a tear to my eye. Luv U and I am still bustin' buttons. You and liz are apparently here to PUFF Me. UP!!


  2. This pic gave me a fun discovery. Unless there are lots of buildings like yours, until Saturday I lived in the building next to you (I was at 6th & Pearl). :) -- Andy