Tuesday, June 20, 2006

possibly . . .

I had a very promising interview this morning. We'll see.

Otherwise, life is really pretty good all around. I'm spending my severance check on cover charges, beer tabs and American Spirits and I'm spending my mornings at the coffeehouse applying for jobs. I spend my afternoons however I please and when evening rolls around, well, there's a new someone who seems to be willing to take me out if I want to go out.

So yeah. Things are OK. And I might have a job by the end of the week.


  1. ohhh come on... i know american spirits go along with that PBR/vintage clothes/scooter thing you've got going on, but geez, why don't you just get your oxygen tube now and save yourself the trouble later on! aren't there "safer" cigarettes you can smoke? (aw, who am i kidding? lizzie and i dig the spirits too!)

  2. No job in ad-land lasts. Ever. Since 2000, I have worked full-time at four different agencies and freelanced at at least a dozen others. As long as you are healthy (ie. you don't need the insurance), being laid off is a blessing. It forces you to network. Good luck.