Thursday, June 01, 2006

Uppity chicks

I have to think that if the Dixie Chicks were really the Oak Ridge Boys and were equally outspoken about their disapproval of the Preznit, the uproar would be less, well, uproarious.

I really think that at least half of the indignance being expressed by right wing idiots towards the Dixie Chicks (and towards Jane Fonda and to a greater degree Hillary Clinton) is due more to their gender than anything else. Women are supposed to submit, if you buy into the whole conservative M.O., so women who are active and vocal about their dissent are seen as doubly freaky. Add to this the fact that the Chicks are young, attractive women and the old dominionist hackles REALLY go up.

I guess I should be somewhat grateful that we're past the point of burning such ladies at the stake, but I think the rationale behind the right's rancor is about the same. Women with a good head on their shoulders who refuse to eat what they're fed are not just bad Americans, but bad people. Dangerous. Evil, even. Posessed by demons! Unnatural! Burn her! Burn the witches!

Now, Faith Hill, there's a woman.



  1. when we bought the new chick's cd the borders employee who checked us out said, "you're not going to be invited to the white house anytime soon." it was funny.

  2. I respect Reba McEntire's music but her attack on the Chicks was premature, did not contain one grain of critical thought, and now is wearing the egg of reality on her face.

    As it turns out, the majority of Americans that are paying attention agree with the Chicks now, even if they did not before.

    I guess I still like Reba's music but will not be spending any $ on her music or advocating it in any way.

    What comes around goes around...