Thursday, July 20, 2006

Employment, at last

Looks like I start Monday at a job arranged ala temp agency. It's no dream job, but it will certainly do for now, and has a 9 to 4 shift, which allows for freelance time in the evenings.

But I'm a little sad, actually, about the end of my summer vacation. Late nights at the bar will have to be less late, no more waking up at 9 a.m. and throwing on clothes off of the floor before heading off to the Internet cafe. But this is good. This is important. Having my own money is vastly more important to me than the lazy existence that is unemployment(and frankly, the ennui was getting to me).

The Onion story is almost done- just some polishing and more cutting (yeah, it's meant lots and lots of cutting. I hope it still makes some modicum of sense and still conveys the awesome spirit of the whole interview). It will come out Aug. 10, like I said, the Thursday before my 25th.

I've been slowly easing myself back into the news/politics world, after a much-needed break. Saw a kid on the CBS evening news today parroting her mother: God Bless America. God Bless Lebanon. It made me feel uneasy. It felt like it conveyed the way much of America likes to be: a child to a parent, just offstage, telling them how to feel and what to say. I hope the kid grows up to be properly critical of the whole ordeal she faced so long ago. I hope she grows to see the different facets of the conflict. I hope she grows.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Strange: Bearded man at the DMV with a gray parrot on his shoulder, yelling "I bet you like women too, you big slut!" as he stormed out.

Grueling: Distilling an 83-minute discussion with a rock band into an 800-word feature for The Onion.

Spontaneous: Taking a four-day road trip to California.

Surprising: Lunch with the Ex went better than expected.

Risky: Attending an outdoor wedding in Albuquerque during monsoon season.

Promising: Receiving a letter from the University of Oklahoma Library Science program.

Disappointing: Denver's job market

Humbling: Applying at a coffee shop/asking Dad for money

Infuriating: Finding out that you entitled to unemployment insurance only proportionately to the amount of time you worked at your last employer (The government is paying me a whopping $339 until I get my next job. And I've been paying into unemployment since the age of 15.)

Vindicating: Passing the written motorcycle test. Got my permit!

Disquieting: Senor Idiot's veto of the stem cell bill. Lovely.

Comforting: My sister's letters from Lesotho. She's doing well. And growing up. This is good.

Monday, July 10, 2006

off the radar

Apologies, again for not being terribly present these past several weeks. I've been aggressively job hunting as well as pursuing my hobbies (freelancing, drinking, summertime romance, photography).

So bear with me. I'm thinking that a new, improved VV will be up and running as soon as I find that coveted day job.