Monday, July 10, 2006

off the radar

Apologies, again for not being terribly present these past several weeks. I've been aggressively job hunting as well as pursuing my hobbies (freelancing, drinking, summertime romance, photography).

So bear with me. I'm thinking that a new, improved VV will be up and running as soon as I find that coveted day job.


  1. No apologies needed, VV. Go enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and quality beers that life has to offer. And it's all even better when there's a certain special someone with whom to enjoy it all. (Now, if only I could find one...)

    And it's really amazing what a little breather from blogposting can do. I went a month without saying anything, either at Left Off Colfax or Creative Destruction, and last week I threw down 5 posts. (Yes, kids. That actually is a lot for me.)

    Now shoo. It's a beautiful day right now. Anhd time's a wasting.

  2. There's a bright golden haze on the meadow... ;-)>

  3. Summertime romance? Denver? Cheesman Park? Been there, did it twice. It's summer in Colorado. Celebrate it.

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  5. Have not seen you in the snark infested waters of Eschaton lately...

    stopping over to say hiya!