Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Strange: Bearded man at the DMV with a gray parrot on his shoulder, yelling "I bet you like women too, you big slut!" as he stormed out.

Grueling: Distilling an 83-minute discussion with a rock band into an 800-word feature for The Onion.

Spontaneous: Taking a four-day road trip to California.

Surprising: Lunch with the Ex went better than expected.

Risky: Attending an outdoor wedding in Albuquerque during monsoon season.

Promising: Receiving a letter from the University of Oklahoma Library Science program.

Disappointing: Denver's job market

Humbling: Applying at a coffee shop/asking Dad for money

Infuriating: Finding out that you entitled to unemployment insurance only proportionately to the amount of time you worked at your last employer (The government is paying me a whopping $339 until I get my next job. And I've been paying into unemployment since the age of 15.)

Vindicating: Passing the written motorcycle test. Got my permit!

Disquieting: Senor Idiot's veto of the stem cell bill. Lovely.

Comforting: My sister's letters from Lesotho. She's doing well. And growing up. This is good.


  1. Hey VV -

    Glad you stopped by Duncan's joint. Keep your chin up, keep writing about great music and musicians, and to hell with the perpetually anal retentive assholes in DC.

  2. Monsoon season? New Mexico? Go on...

  3. Bonita, my geeft to joo, an "n" weeth a tilde "~" on eet, like so:


    Here ees how joo type eet: (remove the spaces, por favor)

    & n tilde ;

    Thees geeves joo ñ

    Now joo can type: Señor Idiota

    Juse eet een good health, no?