Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The End.


Everyone's seen this coming.

This blog jumped the shark some time ago, sadly. I think it happened sometime when I left the newspaper and the energy it gave me. And when I became a real citizen of a real city, instead of a frustrated young woman in a small town. So, while I love Vestal Vespa, I love what this blog has brought me, I love the people I've met through it and the conversations I've had as a result of it, it's time to hang it up.

Going out like Mary Tyler Moore and Jeff Mangum. On top of the game.

I've been doing this since I was 22 years old. And sure, back then, I thought I had something important to say that the whole world had to hear. There are times I still feel that, but there are many more times that I just know that my voice is only a small one in a swelling sea of voices . . . and that there are far better shouters, far better arguers, far, far better bloggers than I. It's time to leave it to them, the ones who don't yet have to sit and muster up the passion to write every day. For them, it's just there. It's gonna change the world.

As for me, I'm turning 25 next week. My world is changing. My life is becoming that of a real adult, with problems to solve, hearts to mend, adventures to be had. I'm just no longer as aware as I once was about the tragedies of human existence on this planet. As selfish as it sounds, my life right now is my main focus. But then, perhaps it was always a little delusional to think that anything said here was any more powerful than pissing on a wildfire. I still stand by everything I've said here. I'm still, in my own little way, proud of this and what it's meant to me and to my little audience. But it's time to let it go . . . time to move on.

Love you all . . .


(and if you care to know about my continuing personal, not political adventures, feel free to click here.)


  1. Three years seems to be a milestone of sorts for blog activity. Good luck to you (I'm not on MySpace and don't intend to start now), I've enjoyed your stuff.

  2. I didn't feel like a fully realized grown up until I was 27.

    But just because you're entering a different phase of life with different priorities doesn't mean you will never come back to feeling a need to express yourself in this way again.

    Good luck.

  3. Hey, we gotta look out for ourselves too. It was always great to read messages from a professional female, older and more mature than I. It really gave me some kind of perspective about what comes at you when you're "all grown up."

    God speed and good luck.

  4. a shame.

    hoping you'll return after reorganizing.

  5. It was nice getting to know you. Take care and good luck.

  6. Please, please -- say it ain't so!

    Your blog has always been so personal and articulate, and I imagine that to craft such entries took a lot of energy. And sometimes, a person just doesn't have that energy to give to everyone else.

    I hope you come back every now and then. We all know there will be no shortage of outrages in the world, and we'll be counting the days until Jan. 20, 2009, when perhaps each day will get a bit brighter.

    Be well. -- L.



  8. VV, who will give us an onion-worthy opic on the Ken Salazar statements in support of Joe Lieberchimp, if you do not?

    Bad chimp, no banana.

  9. Hey Kiddo -

    Happy Birthday! I just hope you stop in to see the old house from time to time...

    Two good songs for tonight.
    Political and spiritual.

  11. Oh well, everyone must take care of their own problems before they can take care of others.

  12. Why not just take a respite, a time off for good behavior? Then come back and do what you are so obviously good at.

  13. I miss you already. Hope you feel like it is time to come back.