Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pick a noun, any noun

Great domain name. And a new tool for me to attempt writing something every day.

Today's word: Match

There are couples that match like earrings. Every detail the same, and they adorn in the same way, symmetrically. We are not like such couples. More like shoes in a box- a left and a right. More like two charged particles.

I was trying to console my mom today, because we are both rather unhappy at the moment. I was trying to give her advice that I should take, an odd exercise in and of itself, but strangely cathartic nonetheless. I was trying to tell her a new philosophy of mine- that in my life, happiness has come from the unlikeliest of places and most often when I least expected it. So, I argued, it is not productive to try and imagine what would make you perfectly happy. It is better, I argued, to focus on the small, happy things we see in daily life and just know that every once in a while, happiness clocks you out of nowhere, from nothing.

Such was the case with us. Not a perfect match, but the necessary one. Certainly not the expected match. But I suppose little can be done about that. Denying happiness- no matter how imperfect, no matter how unusual or incongruous, is a fool's game.

I got my wedding shoes today. One- the left- seems to be almost a half size larger than the other. Perhaps it's just me. Or perhaps it's just- no pun intended- fitting that one should be just a little different than the other. Just enough to make it interesting.

I don't know why but I think a lot about my past and what I used to imagine my match would look like. He looks like Rivers Cuomo from Weezer. He brings me daisies and likes to eat Sushi with me. He couldn't be more different than the match I've chosen Well, except for the glasses. And the cute smile.

But like a small college in Iowa, like a grease-smeared job in a scooter shop, like the kitten I thought I should have taken back to the shelter, it's all turned out for the best. Bringing me happiness despite the fact that we don't match.

I used to think that yellow didn't match with gray. But then I saw the sun come out from the clouds.

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